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1st Place at Brusells in Innovative Communication of Best CAP Communication Awards 2013 - Telling the Story.

Many of you don’t have the necessary time to access information and news on-line, on a regular basis. We have responded to this problem by establishing a unique and FREE SMS service: SMS Family Farms (SMSFF).

You will regularly receive SMS messages on your mobile phones, suited to your needs.

In order to benefit from this service, you just need to submit the registration form by clicking the button from below. Based on the information you provide and your activity profile, we will send you relevant news and events on a regular basis, legislative changes, national and international fairs, seminars, courses, subsidy payments, reminders of new funding opportunities and deadlines of funding application, etc.

Because Smaller Family Farms in Romania are of great national economic importance, we are supporting you when you need it.

You produce healthy food for your families, for local people through direct sales and local markets, and for the Romanian public more widely.
In addition you produce important public goods and ecosystem services to the benefit of wider Romanian society.
The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) values your activities and is designed to support you to continue.
But to get advantages from the CAP, you need the right information at the right time and in real time.

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