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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania


ADEPT delivers courses for small food producers to prepare them for impact of EU accession which threatens traditional production

Courses and workshops include agri-environment, food production and marketing, food hygiene, and rural tourism to groups in many villages of the area.


In 2007-8 ADEPT was invited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to be part of small team delivering agri-environment courses for farmers in 12 different locations around the country, including one in the Târnava Mare area. ADEPT staff taught agri-environment modules. Each course involved 25-35 farmers.

Adding value to milk
ADEPT is adding value to milk by improving local cheeses, training farmers to produce a mature cheese with longer shelf life and improved market potential.  UK cheesemakers David and Pat Doble are helping local dairy farmers to develop a mature cheese which offers added value and simpler food hygiene regulations.      


The course has been designed to provide those interested in becoming involved in agro-tourism with the knowledge on which to base their decisions on which aspect of tourism is attractive, and the basic skills that they will require. The course is divided into two parts and has ten modules:

Part One: Basic Skills:
bookkeeping; computer use and data processing; modern language communication.

Part Two: Agro-tourism Skills: introduction to agro-tourism, responsible tourism, opportunities; gastronomy; accommodation & serving food for visitors; food handling and hygiene (RSPH course); guiding and related activities; arts and crafts; basics of running a business, tourism promotion and marketing.

Many who complete the course become involved in producing food products or providing services that are marketed under the Tarnava Mare brand.
Good hygiene practice

The first course on food hygiene, handling and preparation was delivered to 20 local producers, plus regional and national food safety inspectors in Saschiz in 2006. Twenty one local people participated in the three day event and all achieved more than 68% to pass the final examination of 25 multiple choice questions. The course was run by John Taylor, an approved Tutor and Examiner for the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health ‘Essential Food Hygiene’ and ‘Food Hygiene Awareness’, and HACCP courses. RSPH certificates are recognised world-wide.

Further food hygiene training modules have been delivered in 2007 and 2008.


ADEPT and the local community



Small-scale community projects
training course

Courses and workshops include agri-environment, food production and marketing, food hygiene, and rural tourism to groups in many villages of the area.

training course

training course 
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