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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

Results-Based Payments for Biodiversity:
A New Pilot Agri-Environment Scheme for the Tarnava Mare and Pogány Havas Regions 2016-2019

What are results-based schemes?
This “results-based” agri-environment scheme which is targeted at High Nature Value hay meadows. The scheme rewards practical management that produces good quality hay and protects wild species.

Instead of paying according to management prescriptions as in typical agri-environment schemes, the scheme pays for the “result”, species-rich meadows, which is measured using certain plant species as indicators.

This means that farmers have the freedom to manage their meadows according to local conditions and weather, instead of having to follow precise mowing dates and other rules which do not take account of local conditions, and differences in weather from year to year.

These meadows provide hay for livestock, nectar for honey bees, medicinal plants, and extra income from nature tourism and local products through HNV marketing.

Schemes like this are already carried out in France, Germany and Switzerland. Farmers prefer using the results-based scheme because their expertise is recognised, they have the freedom to manage their meadows according to the local conditions and weather, and they are directly rewarded for the service they provide for nature, which is recognised by society.

What the farmer needs to do: obligations

27 species or species groups that have been selected and tested as indicators of HNV meadows in the pilot scheme regions, because they only grow in hay meadows managed at low intensity, and are associated with high plant and animal species richness as well as good quality hay. They are sensitive to changes in management, and will disappear if synthetic fertilisers or herbicides are applied, if the meadow is mowed too early (usually before mid-June) or not mowed, if the meadow is grazed during the hay-growing season. All the species are easy to recognise.

The farmer must

  • record each year these species from the list that he finds on his meadow every year, along a straight line (transect)
  • mow the meadows at least once a year, first cut is after the 10th of June in order to allow controls to take place.

What the farmer will receive: payments
Payment varies between €140 – 180 per ha according to the number of species. Addition payments will be available for manual mowing, €100 per hectare, and mowing with light machinery. €21 per hectare.

Under this pilot scheme, contracts will be signed, and payments will be made and controls carried out by Fundatia ADEPT and partners, with direct funding from the European Commission.
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Fundatia ADEPT will consult with farmers and farmer associations in Tarnava Mare and the Pogány Havas/Muntii Ciucului regions, in order to identify farmers with up to 100 ha of haymeadows who are interested to participate ion the scheme. The contracts will be for 3 years of payments, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Where is this available?

This scheme is available in the Tarnava Mare and the Pogány Havas/Muntii Ciucului regions. The scheme is being run as a test in these two areas for 3 years from 2016-2019.


The experiences with this pilot results-based scheme will be shared with the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development.

The pilot programme, if popular with farmers and practical for payments control agencies, may be available over the whole country in the future.


Managing body and contact

This pilot scheme is being managed by Fundatia Adept Transilvania between 2016-2019.

If you own or manage haymeadows in the Târnava Mare area and you are interested in participating, please contact Fundația ADEPT:

  • Contact person: Răzvan Popa
  • tel.: 0752 264592
  • email:

If you own or manage haymeadows in the Pogány-havas/Muntii Ciucului regions and you are interested in participating, please contact Asociația Pogány-havas:

  • Contact person: László Demeter
  • tel.: 0741 010448

Farmers booklets for RBAPS

Under the project, we have developed booklets for use by farmers, explaining the scheme, and showing the 30 indicator species they must look for on their land. To download versions in English, Romanian and Hungarian, please click on the links below.

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