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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

Innovative marketing

Saschiz Festival
On 15th August 2007, Slow Food Sigishoara served a range of local products at the Saschiz Festival in competition with traditional fast foods. It was so successful that the Mayor decided to only allow local products in 2008.
Farmers Market, Bucharest

Farmers markets In December 2007, the first farmers market in Romania was launched at Piaţa Amzei. 23 producers from all over Romania brought a range of meat products, cheeses, jam and honey, herbal teas and bread.

The event attracted much media attention and about 10,000 people attended on the day.

The market was held every weekend from April to October 2008, with a special Christmas fair as well. 


Slow Food Turin

ADEPT invited Carlo Petrini and others from Slow Food Italy to visit Romania in 2005. Since then, ADEPT has established the first Slow Food Convivium in Romania, in Sighisoara. Slow Food International, based in Bra (near Turin, Italy), is helping to promote and protect the small-scale traditional food producers of Romania. 

Each October since 2006, the small-scale traditional food producers of the Tarnava Mare area have attended the international Slow Food festivals, in Turin - Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto.

The varieties of jams, honeys, and cheeses brought to the festivals by Tarnava Mare producers have created a sensation: as they are beginning to do so in Romanian too. 

Local products


Information and local economy

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Innovation and local products




For further information about farmers markets, local food and where to taste / buy it, visit or for the latest news.

ADEPT has taken a leading role in the establishment  of farmers markets in Bucharest (Târgul Ţaranului Român) and is planning to do so in other major cities in Romania.

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