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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

Donate today to protect nature, landscapes and communities.

ADEPT is seeking further funding for this innovative project that is successfully giving equal emphasis to nature conservation and local prosperity.

Help us to continue our work.

Our work in the first 10 years has shown the value of being able to react immediately and flexibly to problems or opportunities as they emerge – be they in local development or policy areas. For this, corporate and private donations are an essential, very effective addition to more restricted institutional funding. If you are interested in supporting us in the future, please contact us or use one of the following options.

Donate online

Fundatia ADEPT is registered with, the UK’s leading online fundraising website, so you can donate and raise funds for us online. Using Justgiving saves us costs and reduces our admin burden, so going online is by far the most efficient way of supporting us. It’s easy to make a single or monthly donation.

All you need to do is click here.

Justgiving will accept all major credit / debit cards and automatically reclaims 28% in Gift Aid if you’re a UK taxpayer.

UK Donations

Donations to our UK bank account by bank transfer: see bank details in right hand column. Or send a cheque by post to The Secretary, Fundatia ADEPT Ltd, Upper Leigh Farm, East Knoyle, Salisbury SP3 6AP.

Since April 2004 people who complete a UK Self assessment tax return have been able to nominate a charity to receive all or part of any repayment due to them. IR Charities publish a list of participating charities from which donors can choose.

Fundatia ADEPT is registered as a charity in the UK (reg. no. 1121371) and therefore UK donations are eligible for tax relief under Gift Aid. The form that you need to complete for this simple process can be downloaded here and returned together with your donation.

Romania Donations

Donations to our RO bank account by bank transfer: see bank details for our RON account below, and our Euro account in right hand column.

Linked to your annual Romanian tax return, you have the opportunity to direct 2% of your taxes for nature conservation, and for protecting Romania’s precious traditional landscapes.

This kind of sponsorship does not mean that you are donating money, rather that you are redirecting to a non-profit organization part of the tax you have already paid to the state.

We ask that you consider directing this sum to support the activities of Fundatia ADEPT. You have until 15 May each year to complete and submit the form.

There are two possible methods of contribution - from salary income (Declaration 230) and from income from other sources (Declaration 200).
The forms that you need to complete for this simple process, and instructions, can be downloaded here:

[D230] For contributions from salary income:
Download D230 On-line Form, or open D230 Printable Form and check instructions;
[D200] For contributions with incomes from other sorces than salsary:
Download D200 On-line Form, or open D200 Printable Form and check instructions;

Download the latest 2% forms for 2017/2018 here.

Fundația ADEPT details are:

  • Denumire entitate nonprofit: Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania
  • Cod de identificare fiscala a entitatii nonprofit: 17034237
  • Cont bancar (IBAN): RO14RZBR0000060006041980.

If you do not know the relevant sum, 2% of your income tax, you can leave the SUM box empty and the tax authorities will calculate this for you.

USA Donations

Donations to Fundația ADEPT can also be made in the USA through Pro Patrimonio Foundation, and are deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Inland Revenue Code (USA).

Thank you for your support!

Fundația ADEPT’s mission

Fundația ADEPT’s mission is to protect the High Nature Value Farmed Landscapes of Transylvania, working with and supporting the small-scale farming communities that created them.

Direct Donations

UK account

  • Account name: Fundatia ADEPT Ltd
  • Sort code: 20-03-18
  • Account number: 00353329
  • IBAN: GB52 BARC 2003 1800 3533 29
  • Bank name and address: Barclays, Market Square, Aylesbury

Romania account

  • Account name: Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania
  • IBAN: RO46 RZBR 0000 0600 0604 1986
  • Bank name and address: Raiffeisen Bank Sacele, Str.Piata Libertatii, Nr.20

Donate for Nature | Support Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Why support Fundatia ADEPT?

Fundatia ADEPT is working in applied research in biodiversity conservation; working with farmers to help defend the long term survival of traditional small-scale communities; working with regional, local and central government to promote helpful policies; and working with other NGOs, community groups and the general public to spread the word about the social, cultural and biodiversity importance of these landscapes and their communities.

Donate for Nature | Support Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

What is important about the area?

This is one of the last great European landscapes, a mosaic of rich habitats and rare animal and plant species including some of the finest wildflower-rich grasslands in Europe. The landscape is still a functioning ecology, man and nature in balance. This low-intensity sustainable agriculture is under threat, although it is increasingly relevant as a model in the world today. Only through the farmer and his continued management can this landscape be conserved.

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