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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

AgriSpIn | Space for Agricultural Innovation

ADEPT is partner in the EU-project “AgriSpin – Space for innovations in Agriculture” seeks to find the answers to those questions and many more by identifying best practices for innovation and support systems in European agriculture.


1. About AgriSpin

AgriSpin identifies best practice for innovation and support systems
The EU-project “AgriSpin – Space for innovations in Agriculture” seeks to find the answers to those questions and many more by identifying best practices for innovation and support systems in European agriculture.

The Agrispin Project aims at creating space for agricultural innovations, “through amplifying good examples of innovation support systems and through multiactor learning about ways to stimulate innovation and remove obstacles” (AGRISPIN Grand Agreement). The research approach for achieving such an aim is based on the in-depth exploration of a number of selected innovation cases during 13 cross visits (CV) in the project partners’ countries. Participants/ project partners in each CV endeavour to gain a deeper understanding of innovation processes and inspiration for improvements of the services being offered, finding a method for exploring innovation practices and the role of support service providers and contributing to the creation of a professional network of innovation support agents(Grand Agreement).
The AgriSpin project will examine the practice of innovation today by answering questions such as: How does the European farmer seek information and support? What competencies does he expect of his adviser? What kind of support system is in place today? By doing so, AgriSpin intends to uncover best cases for innovation and identify the type of innovation support system that makes for the most optimal innovation process.
By establishing a strong innovation network between the partners of the AgriSpin project as well as reaching out to European agricultural networks, innovation networks, EU-funded innovation projects and to politicians, on a European, regional and national level, AgriSpin hopes to contribute to a strengthened innovation effort in European agriculture.

Project coordinator:
SEGES, Heidi Hundrup Rasmussen, Agro Food Park 15, DK-8200 Aarhus N, e-mail:, telephone: 45 8740 5516

Project Partners:
1 SEGES (DK), Heidi Hundrup Rasmussen,, [www],
2 Dutch Southern Farmers Organisation (NL), Peter Paree,, and E. Wielinga,
3 University of Hohenheim (D), Andrea Knierim,
4 Union of Chambers of Agriculture (D), Michael Kuegler,
5 Innovatiesteunpunt, ISP (B), Ilse Geyskens,
6 Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LA), Kaspars Zurins,
7 ACTA (FR), Adrien Guichaoua,
8 Tuscany Region (IT), Fabio Boscaleri,
9 ProAgria (FI), Hannu Haapala,
10 IFOAM EU (B), Yulia Barabanova,
11 Teagasc (EI), Tom Kelly,
12 Cirad (F), Syndhia Mathé,
13 Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania (RO), Nat Page,, [www]
14 Agricultural University of Athens (GR), Alex Koutsouris,
15 Fundacion Hazi Funazioa (E), Pilar Riaño,

Project period:
 2 ½ years, starting March 2015
Funding source:
 Horizon 2020- the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Funding budget:
 € 2,000,000

2.Reports on crosss visits:

A Cross Visit is an across-the-border-meeting where all partners meet to evaluate the host country’s best practice cases for innovation.

3.  Results

The results from the AgriSpin project answers such questions as: What defines an innovative practice? What comprises a best practice for innovation? How do you select best practice cases for innovation? What type of guidelines do you follow when selecting cases? And last but not least: How do you train the ability to lead or perform an innovative process?
Final Framework for Selecting Best Practice Cases for Innovation
Final Guidelines and Template for Selection of Best Practice Cases
Final Inventory of Selected Best Practice Cases
Final Typology of Innovative Practices
List of Selected Best Practice Cases
Training Tool Kit

7. Romanian Cross Visit

ADEPT organized a Cross Visit in Sighișoara – Târnava Mare area between 4th and 7th July 2016.
7.1 Cases
During the visit the following 4 cases have been analyzed:

  1. Innovative Markets: Community Enterprise - HNV SES Fruleco - Diversifying the products using local resources and thus protecting a unique landscape in Europe
  2. Innovative Markets: Private Enterprise - Casa de pe Deal - Local small producer benefited from the young farmer grant and investment measure under National Rural Development Plan. Integrated project: guesthouse, bike hire, small scale production.
  3. Model Sheep Fold - Example of traditional farming methods being supported by technical expertise. The project provides solar panels for sheepfolds so that shepherds can improve their living conditions while staying with their flocks of sheep in the hills in the summer (charge their mobile phones to keep in touch with their families and to be able to use hot water to increase the hygienic condition up on the hills).
  4. Viscri Association - ADEPT has developed village associations as centre of innovation and expertise. With support from Innovation Norway, ADEPT have developed a milk collection points (MCPs) for Viscri Association. By improving milk quality and quantity, and assisting with negotiations with milk processing companies, they have increased the price of milk obtained by the farmers, and halted the decline in cow numbers in the area.

7.2 Report on the Cross Visit

7.3 News article on the AgriSpin website about the cases and the Cross Visit:
Romanian Agriculture Benefits From Innovative Ideas -


 This project has received funding from theEuropean Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652642

Action acronym: AGRISPIN
Action full title: "Space for Agricultural Innovation"
Grant agreement no: 652642

Download Report on the Cross Visit

Printed materials

AgriSPIN End Conference

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The End Conference is relevant for:

  • advisors working with innovative farmers
  • farmers’ unions
  • innovation support services
  • managing authorities
  • funding agencies
  • companies and organisations that work with innovation in agriculture as well as
  • researchers working with innovation processes

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