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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania


Milvus Group’s Environmental Education team have carried out a successful nature education programme in Saschiz iand in the broader Tarnava Mare area.

In Saschiz school, 45 children are receiving monthly classes in nature and environment. In addition, there is a teach the teachers programme so that these nature classes, which are very popular with the children, can be spread across all the schools in the area. This has been very popular with the schoolchildren, who look forward impatiently to the next class. Milvus Group and ADEPT will establish a young ecologists club in Saschiz, and hope to do the same in other villages too.

For a description of Milvus Environmental Education Working Group’s activities in the Tarnava Mare area in 2009, visit this link.

work in schools saschiz clasa

As a highlight, children from Saschiz have taken part in a Milvus Group Environmental Summer Camp in the hills above the village of Rigmani in Mures county.

For a week the children spent their nights inside camping in canvas yurts listening to the natural symphony of nature at night. Members of the Romanian nature conservation NGO ‘Milvus Group’ organised the camp and looked after the 23 children aged between 10 and 14 years.

The children enjoyed an activity-filled week that brought them closer to nature and taught them more about caring for their precious landscape. The children discovered much about their local area, and visited traditional craftsman including a wood carver where all the children got the chance to carve their own wooden plates. The local gamekeeper shared the natural secrets and magic of the forest and took them to see an abandoned den of a bear.  

The team from Milvus carried out bird ringing activities, and gave the children the rare pleasure of getting close up to wild birds and then giving them the gift of freedom.

Orange support for Schools activities

Orange Romania has given special support to the ADEPT schools education programme. As well as funding classes in 2008, carried out by specialists in nature classes from Milvus Group, Orange is funding a teach-the-teachers programme in 2009 so that this becomes sustainable in the long term.

Orange also lent a vehicle to the summer camp, in 2008, without which it would have been very difficult to bring food and water to the summer camp up in the hills above Rigmani.


Involving the community in keeping villages tidy

The management of litter and domestic waste is a problem in many of the villages of the Tarnava Mare area.

Two inspiring Saschiz villagers, Anca Calugar and Charlie Dalmasso, have worked with the NGO Aves France, as well as ADEPT, to create a community project to keep their village tidy. At publications you may see and download an example of the educational material they have produced. They are also working directly in schools, and arranging stream cleaning and other small environmental projects. We hope that this initiative will spread to other villages in the area.

Says Christophe Coret, President of AVES France: "Saschiz is a little village in the Natura 2000 Area. Romania is one of European countries where fauna and flora are the most preserved. More and more tourists come in Transylvania for its nature; it is very important to preserve the wildlife habitat. Fundatia ADEPT and AVES France are working together to keep Saschiz tidy. We believe that wildlife conservation begins with education, so we explain to inhabitants why they should safeguard ecosystems and species. Our dream: cleaning river and village for a better Saschizian way of life."

If you want to support this with small donations, or volunteer labour, please contact them directly:


ADEPT and the local community



Small-scale community projects

As a highlight, children from Saschiz have taken part in a Milvus Group Environmental Summer Camp in the hills above the village of Rigmani in Mures county.

at the camp 

Schools activities: mountain-bike trail across the grasslands, combined with innovative locally-made flora and faune interpretation panels  (below)

Sponsorul Oficial - Fundația Orange România