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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

Research: practical measures for conservation of High Nature Value grasslands

Târnava Mare as a model for European grassland conservation

A growing weight of evidence on the progress of grassland conservation across Europe indicates a steady decline in grassland habitat extent and quality, in grassland diversity, and in wildlife associated with grasslands including butterflies.

Various reasons have been proposed for this decline including European policy (especially CAP) and the failure of the biodiversity conservation elements (specifically agri-environment) within the rural development axes to address the threats. Intensification of farmland and development of transport, housing and industry have also been cited in terms of the fragmentation of habitat.

In spite of considerable state- and NGO-sector involvement in implementation of national and EU environmental legislation in many member states, decline continues unabated. The objectives of the 2010 countdown initiative are not being met.

ADEPT is carrying out monitoring of the negative effects of the above factors, and positive effects of agri-environment schemes, Fundatia ADEPT has identified indicator wild flower and butterfly species. The role of habitat scale, mosaic management and connectivity as positive factors for species conservation, will be contrasted to loss in habitat area, quality and fragmentation leading to species loss, will be observed.

ADEPT is managing experimental management plots under EU LIFE Aquila pomerine project, as well as monitoring of sites restored under the EU LIFE  STIPA project.

Butterfly and Plant Indicator species for important dry grasslands of Southern Transylvania

Under the EU LIFE STIPA project, ADEPT has produced guides to the more common indicator species of the important dry grasslands of South east Transylvania.
For Indicator Butterfly Species Guide download here.
For Indicator Flower Species Guide download here.



Farming in the area



Food hygiene

HNV Grasslands Conference

High Nature Value Grasslands: filling gaps in policy and practice

The importance of High Nature Value Grasslands, the threats to them, and possible policy solutions, are summarised by documents prepared for the HNV grasslands conference, September 2010, Sibiu Romania. This conference was held at a crucial moment in European policy-making, while the EU Commission was finalising its proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020.

Conference brochureConference brochure
(1.9mb pdf).
The conference brochure contains an introduction to the farming systems of the HNV landscapes of Transylvania, with case studies.

Policy documentPolicy Document 
(1mb pdf).
The policy document describes the need for targeted support of HNV farming systems, and proposals for achieving them under the CAP post 2013.

 See Conference page for further details.


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