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Biodiversity conservation and community development in Transylvania
Conservarea biodiversităţii şi dezvoltare comunitară în Transilvania

High Nature Value Grasslands Conference 2010


Video message to the conference: HRH The Prince of Wales
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Video message from Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for Environment 
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Video message from Dacian Cioloş, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development
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Session 1. Introduction to the conference and to the case study area

Introduction to conference themes and launch of EFNCP-Birdlife discussion document on CAP support for HNV farming. Guy Beaufoy, EFNCP  (5.2mb pdf)

The national importance of HNV farming to Romania’s environment and people.
Vasile Cristea, Director Botanic Garden, Cluj Napoca, and Laszlo Rakosy, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca (5.8mb pdf)

Southeast Transylvania: the challenges of one of Europe’s largest lowland HNV farmland Natura 2000 sites. Erika Schneider-Binder, WWF Institute for Floodplain Ecology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Constantin Dragulescu, ULB Sibiu (4.2mb pdf)

The Târnava Mare rural development project – meeting EU objectives by linking local response to local needs. Cristi Gherghiceanu, ADEPT (2.9mb pdf)

Session 3. Ecosystem services of HNV grassland

HNV grasslands – why they are important for European biodiversity. Peter Veen, Veen Ecology (6.6mb pdf)

Ecosystem services of extensive livestock farming. Alain Peeters, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Conservation Biology) (5mb pdf)

The challenge of maintaining and expanding grazing in Mediterranean forest lands – fire prevention and other functions. Alvaro Picardo, Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Castilla y León, Spain (2.9mb pdf)

Session 4. EU policy context for supporting HNV farming

The EU’s post-2010 biodiversity strategy, and the role of HNV grasslands within it. Szilvia Bosze, DG Environment (540k pdf)

Delivery of public goods through agriculture. Caroline Raes, DG Agriculture & Rural Development, Environment Unit (4.7mb pdf)

HNV grasslands and small-scale farming – how Romania provides public support.
Mihail Dumitru, President of Presidential Commission on Agriculure, Romania (728k pdf)

Session 5. The challenge of improving policies to support HNV farming

Redistributing CAP support to favour HNV farming across Europe. Xavier Poux, EFNCP (3.1mb pdf)

Local socio-economic realities of HNV farming and the critical role of local projects in delivering EU biodiversity and rural development goals. Gwyn Jones, EFNCP (3.5mb pdf)

Proposals for the future CAP – local and pan-European support for HNV farming. Guy Beaufoy, EFNCP (1.7mb pdf)


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Farming in the area



Food hygiene

HNV Grasslands conference

Conference brochureConference brochure
(1.9mb pdf).
The conference brochure contains an introduction to the farming systems of the HNV landscapes of Transylvania, with case studies.

Policy documentPolicy Document 
(1mb pdf).
The policy document describes the need for targeted support of HNV farming systems, and proposals for achieving them under the CAP post 2013.

See also the summary conference conclusions (426k pdf).

 HNV Grassland Conference

The field trip ended in the village of Viscri, where conference participants visited sheepfolds and farm courtyards, so that they could discuss practical problems with the farmers themselves. This photograph of the participants is taken in front of Viscri’s famous Saxon fortified church.

HNV Grasslands Conference delegates on the Tumps

The conference field trip introduced the participants to biodiversity importance and conservation management of the unique hillocks in the Tarnava Mare project area: biodiversity hotspots with mixed Steppic, Mediterranean, woodland and montane flora.

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